Joining the choir

Come along to a rehearsal on a Thursday night (see here for dates and times), see what happens and if this is for you, or get in touch.

The choir is made up of four sections, Sopranos (highest), Altos, Tenors and Basses. Most ladies will be Sops or Altos although sometimes they may be Tenors.

Is it for me?

Southport Singers is for keen amateur singers with some experience of harmony singing, who enjoy a challenge.

Some familiarity with reading sheet music is helpful, but you won’t be expected to sight sing - or sing on your own, unless you wish to.

There are other choirs to join if you just want to go along and "have a sing"!

What's my commitment?

To get the most out of the rehearsals, you will need to spend some time in between the weekly sessions learning the music. We provide recordings of all the parts as well as sheet music, so you can listen to the recordings in your own time.

You also need to attend the majority of rehearsals, otherwise you will not know the music well enough.


Our year is made up of three "terms", like school terms, with around 11 or 12 rehearsals in each term. We plan to perform concerts at least twice a year, possibly three times a year. To perform in the concerts you need to come to most of the rehearsals, otherwise you just won't know the music well enough.

What it costs

Each term costs £55, (around £4.50 per week) payable at the beginning of the term. This covers : room hire, insurance, all the music, concerts, accompanist, music tracks and PA and your musical director. 

When and where we meet

Our rehearsals are at The Family Life Centre in Southport - see details here each Thursday evening starting at 7.30pm prompt (so arrive before that), finishing by 9.30pm at the latest. Bring a drink and a black ring binder like this for your music.